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We are a full-service animal hospital providing comprehensive veterinary care for dogs and cats in Walnut Creek, Concord, Lafayette, Dublin, Alamo, Berkeley, and the surrounding areas. Our veterinarians offer an extensive range of services, including emergency and urgent care, wellness and preventative care, surgery, orthopedics, and more. Our brand-new facility is open seven days a week to care for your pets!

From the Beginning

From the Beginning

Once you walk through our doors, we will treat you like a welcomed member of the family. Because to us, you are—and it’s reflected in everything we do. We believe you and your pet are genuine individuals, and we take the time to understand your pet's unique factors - biology, behavior, environment, and lifestyle. Once we get to know you and look deeply into your pet's health, we can help you chart the best possible course to keep your pet happy, healthy, and by your side. In good times and bad, we’ll be here when you need us.

A Culture of Caring

We believe in taking care of pets, and we also believe in taking care of people. This applies not only to our clients but also to our team members. We pride ourselves on having a team that comes to work because this is their passion, who feels happy and fulfilled, and who genuinely enjoy collaborating with their teammates and clients. The people here don't come in to collect a paycheck. They come in to change lives. Let's change yours.


The Bark of The Town

This place and the staff are GREAT! I drive from Oakland to bring my baby Coco here for her care. Dr. Nakamura is the best—she's caring and thorough with taking care of our fur babies and the staff is a reflection of that too. If vets could get a Michelin star, she would definitely have one! 

T. Smith 

The staff here is so thoughtful and caring. I'm very glad I found Dr. Nakamura and her clinic!

A. Miller

Everyone here was very welcoming, kind, and knowledgeable! Teegan's first visit went really well, and everyone was absolutely amazing.   My pup was nervous and warmed up quickly to the staff.  I feel confident they have my pup's best interest at heart.

K. Williams

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Announcement regarding CDC requirement changes for dogs entering USA after August 1st, 2024

Starting on August 1, 2024, dogs entering or returning to the United States must meet new, specific requirements depending on where they have been in the 6 months before entering the U.S. and where they received their Rabies vaccines. 

Please refer to the information link below:


In order for the veterinarians at Animal Care Hospital of Walnut Creek to issue a certification of U.S.-issued Rabies Vaccine (endorsed by USDA), the Rabies vaccination has to be done at our hospital at least 28 days before departing the U.S. Please make sure to make an appointment with us for an initial consultation to begin your preparation at least 30-60 days before your travel.

Thank you, 

Staff at Animal Care hospital of Walnut Creek.